Harken Canvas

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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: Boat Accessories, Canvas Bags, Cruiser Duffel, Elliot 6m, Headsail Bags, Large Duffel, Marine Products/29er, Sail Covers, Travel Kits, and X Boat

  • Profile

    Harken Canvas is a division of Harken Yacht Equipment. We have supplied our customers with quality boating and industrial products for over 15 years. Our boat covers are custom measured and fit. The soft luggage line is also designed and handmade here. In addition, we offer a wide range of made-to-order products for businesses such as industrial covers and awnings. Our customers are at the center of every decision we make. We work hard to provide the best products, competitive prices and outstanding service.

    Harken Canvas specializes in cutting and sewing technical fabrics and textiles, with production capacity ranging from consecutive large runs to one-off prototypes. Capabilities include CAD-based cutting, electric hand cutting, grommet and fastener installation, product assembly, pattern digitizing, material sourcing, and shipping.
    A division of Harken, Inc., Harken Canvas has over 25 years of experience. All products are made in Pewaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A., allowing the canvas team to closely monitor all steps in the production process, making sure the final product meets customer expectations. Harken Canvas is backed by the full resources of an international engineering and manufacturing company that can assist with engineering and design.


    Source – https://www.harkencanvas.com

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