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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: Brackets, Capacitor Boots, Compressor Grommets, Isolator Mounts, and Power Capacitors

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    Atlantic Precision Resource is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber, plastic, and metal components. From prototyping and design to sourcing and delivery, our stringent quality monitoring processes enable us to manufacture and deliver to your exact specifications – on time, every time – at prices that keep you competitive. Learn more about our innovative custom solutions for various industrial applications.Capacitor boots insulate capacitor terminals and prevent nuisance shocks, an important safety consideration for manufacturers and service technicians. The non-conductive, UL-approved neoprene material used to produce APR capacitor boots passes a 1000-volt high potential test with leakage current less than 5 milliamps. Please reference UL file number SA12440.

    We can produce covers to ensure that they have low conductivity, UV resistance, oil resistance, and many other formulations that help resist wear due to environmental factors.APR manages production of brackets and other stamped parts. Our capabilities include spot welding, resistance welding, automated arc welding, and electrical plating of these brackets assemblies.APR can also engineer parts to aid work in the consolidation of part lines. If a company has two similar metal parts that can perform the same function, we can engineer one line that fits both parts.APR produces custom Isolator Mounts, with metal cores. These isolators are used in conditions with high vibration and heat requirements. We have the capability of producing isolators with 1-piece designs, 2-piece designs, stamped cores, and machined cores.


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