Specialty Glass Products, Inc.

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Supplier Category: Medical Supplies and OpticsSupplier Tags: Glass Flats, Glass or Quartz Rods, Glass or Quartz Tubing, Glass Tempering/Strengthening, and Optical Components

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    Since 1961 SGP has specialized in the fabrication and CNC machining of precision parts for a wide range of industries including: Biomedical, Optical, aerospace, laser manufacturing, semiconductor, fiber optic and other fields with demanding, tight tolerance applications.With more than 55 years of experience engineering and manufacturing solutions for custom glass fabrication, Specialty Glass Products has developed as a leader in the design of glass products for specific applications and industries.

    Specialty Glass Products Precisely Fabricates Glass Products for:

    Medical Lasers, Fiber Optics, Cytology, Spectrophotometry, Semiconductor Assemblies, Photo & X-ray Lithography, Micro-Orifices, Beam Splitters, Substrates, Wafers.

    From Preliminary Sketch to Final Form

    Biomedical Equipment, Communications, Laser Manufacturing, Aerospace & Avionics, Semiconductor Technology, Fiber Optic Manufacturing, Electronics.

    Source – http://www.sgpinc.com

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