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    Manufacturer of High Power Capacitors for Industrial and Commercial Applications.High Energy is the foremost manufacturer of high voltage and high frequency capacitors.Some of the applications that we manufacture capacitors for:X-ray equipment, broadcast equipment, induction heating power supplies (tube and solid state), cable fault finders, plasma generators, RF power supplies, dielectric heating, lasers and more.High Energy Corporation’s new line of epoxy encapsulated ceramic capacitors are designed for use in HVDC power supplies, electrostatic copying machines, lightning arrestor systems, electron microscopes and many laser applications. These capacitors feature a Class I ceramic dielectric, low dissipation factor, and small case size.

    Manufacturer of custom & standard oil-filled & ceramic high voltage & high frequency capacitors for a wide range of industrial & commercial applications. Capacitors are used for induction heating power supplies, X-ray equipment, broadcast equipment, cable fault finders, plasma generators, RF power supplies, dielectric heating & lasers. Options include temperature compensating, high frequency, high voltage & high current capacitors. Capacitors are available in a wide range of sizes & shapes.Our catalog shows a small sample of what we have. We are a custom capacitor house. If you can’t find it, we can make it!


    Source – http://www.highenergycorp.com

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