Vic’s Time

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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: Drop Box, Key Boxes / Key Boards, Mounting / Wiring Boxes, Multipurpose Racks, and Weather Resistant Enclosures

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    Vic’s Time is a leading manufacturer of metal racks and enclosures for any environment-from the factory floor to the doctor’s office. Our racks are the standard by which others are measured. Our protective and security enclosures stand up to harsh weather and hard daily use. Our cash boxes, card racks, and office organizers look as good as they wear, and can even be made in custom colors to match your decor.

    Manufacturer of standard and custom office cabinets. Types include clock enclosure, security, wiring, storage, multi-purpose rack, key and drop box cabinets. Cash, check or money, keycard, comment, mail, heavy-duty indoor or outdoor and weather resistant night drop box cabinets are available. Made of a wide variety of sheet metals. Available in wall, floor or desk mountable configurations and various styles, dimensions and color finishes with or without locking door options. Capabilities include shearing, bending, punching, welding, powder coating and finishing. Used for commercial, healthcare, automotive and time and attendance markets. Made in the USA.


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