Ellwood Group Inc

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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: casting, cladding, fabrication, forging, machining, metal, metallurgy, Steelmaking, and Steels

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    For over a century, ELLWOOD has grown through innovation and acquisition into the leading supplier of quality metals and custom-engineered components for critical applications worldwide. While our footprint now spans more than 25 locations across North America, we haven’t lost sight of what’s right: treating our employees, industry partners and customers like family.

    Our mission? To use our metallurgy know-how to provide critical engineered solutions. Why do we do it? Because we care about making an impact on the industries we serve. We care about our employees, their quality of life, and their safety. We care about providing the highest quality steel to produce our ingots, forgings, crankshafts, and more. At ELLWOOD, hard work is what we do. Our sense of purpose is why we do it.


    Source: https://ellwoodgroup.com/

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