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Supplier Category: Electronics and IndustrialSupplier Tags: Heavy Duty Table, HP Pick-Place, Linear Assembly System, Rotary Indexing System, and Torque Rotary Table

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    WEISS is a high quality manufacturer of cam, servo, and linear motor driven automation components.
    We supply the world with rotary index tables, palletized conveyors, linear motor driven pick and place units, cam and servo driven assembly chassis, ring index tables, and machine bases and tool plates. WEISS was founded over 40 years ago and is now the world leader in rotary indexing tables for assembly, welding, packaging, medical devices and many other industries.
    We specialize in the highest quality craftsmanship and offer an industry leading four year warranty.

    No matter if you need to rotate 100 tons or pick and place a 1 oz. part very accurately, WEISS has the solution.
    As the world leader in indexing/positioning tables we still have the most innovative designs and newest products.
    We also offer many other additional handling and positioning devices for your automation needs.Types of material handling systems include pick & place systems, lifting-rotating units, and modular assembly systems. Software is available for indexing, handling, and linear machine applications. Pick & place material handling systems and linear assembly systems are ISO 14644-1 compliant.


    Source – https://www.weissna.com

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