Range Kleen Manufacturing, Inc.

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Supplier Category: Home & FurnitureSupplier Tags: Beverage Bottle, Food Jar, Non-Stick Pizza Pan 13.25 Inch, Nova Induction, Piece Non-stick Toaster Oven Bakeware Set, and Range Kleen Basics 3 Quart Covered Sauce Pan with Double Boiler/Steamer Insert

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    We started our business in 1971 with a dream, six products and a will to be the best in our area of focus.  Since then, we’ve been blessed with great clients, associates and supply partners to build upon our relationships, our expertise and our ability to bring new products to your attention that save time, save money and create a better living experience. We appreciate your input and your support; rest assured we will continue to invest the resources needed to expand our value to you!

    Jerry O’Connor founded Range Kleen Manufacturing, Inc. on April 5, 1971, with 6 drip bowls and his philosophy of personal attention “From the President’s Desk to the Shipping Dock.”  He persevered to make Range Kleen the #1 Brand in Range Accessories, a standing Range Kleen has held to this day.  Range Kleen has grown to encompass many categories of merchandise with a determination to become the brand that is The Heart of Your Home!


    Source – https://www.rangekleen.com

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