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    In constructing the BONDTECH Autoclave Core Leaching System, corrosion resistant materials are used all throughout the vessel. BONDTECH Corporation’s decision to use high-quality corrosion resistant materials is in accordance with BONDTECH’s mission to provide longevity and reliability during a BONDTECH autoclave system’s lifetime. Customers can expect a heavy commercial grade autoclave which design and manufacturing process are in strict compliance with the ASME and National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors code. BONDTECH’s Autoclave system will provide full access to its interior thru a Quick Opening Door. This full access capability is combined with a safety feature that includes an interlock which will prevent the possibility of opening of the the door while under pressure. This safety feature is compliant with SCME code’s Section UG-35. The breech lock type door does not produce any relative motion between the door and the pressure sealing o-ring and it is operated by in two easy steps: Rotating the locking ring a few degrees to expose the door lugs through cut out areas of the lock ring.

    Pivot the door 90° to allow full access to the interior of the autoclave. Based on the customer’s specifications and the system’s intended use, Single or Double O-Ring seals can be used to seal the door. If the purpose of the autoclave system is to perform under higher operating temperature and pressure, BONDTECH uses double seals to insure a tight leak proof closure. Heating and Insulation System: The heating and insulation system present In BONDTECH  Autoclave Core-Leaching systems are properly sized to provide the needed heating and insualation. Zoned band type heaters with SCR control,Multiple zones are independently controlled,Interlocked with the fill and drain of the vessel,Easy to service siliconized insulation blankets. To provide high reliability and safety, each zone is individually power fused. Thermocouple Type K on each zone for heater over temperatur,Thermocouples Type K for internal vessel process temperature control.


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