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Supplier Category: Medical SuppliesSupplier Tags: Anti-aging supplements, Bone&joint Supplements, Collagen proteins, Men's Vitamins, and Women's Vitamins

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    Custom manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical supplements. Dietary and nutritional supplements, capsules, softgels, tablets, extracts, probiotics, and proteins can be fabricated. Size, appearance and encapsulation material of capsules and softgels can be customized. Tablets can be manufactured with a variety of category, coating, shape, and imprinting options. Liquid manufacturing available for energy shots, herbal extracts and tinctures, and liquid vitamins. Powders are available with different flavoring and color options. Products available for sports nutrition and bodybuilding. Services include warehousing services, fulfillment services, packaging services, labeling services, and shipping services. GMP certified and FDA approved.

    Manufacturer of standard and custom pharmaceuticals. Various products available include supplements, vitamins, capsule, softgel and tablets. Most items available in stock. FDA, NSF and NPA approved. 24/7 hour services available.


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