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Supplier Category: TextilesSupplier Tags: Cheesecloth Products, Industrial Woven Fabrics, Microfiber Products, Towel Products, and Wiping Products

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    DeRoyal Textiles is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of a broad range of woven textile products. Originally founded as Hermitage Mills in 1905, the company has enjoyed a history of excellence and heritage of innovation for over a century. This tradition continued when Hermitage Industries joined the DeRoyal family of global companies in 1994 as DeRoyal Textiles. Today, DeRoyal Textiles offers the most complete textile product line in the market.

    The DeRoyal family of companies has consistently been at the forefront of the respective industries it serves, and takes pride in the development of innovative technology and processes to meet the needs of its customers. In keeping with this practice, the DeRoyal Textiles product line has grown from its initial offering of medical gauze fabrics to a diverse array of products that includes light weight woven fabricsspecialty fabricsknitted textiles and consumer packaged items. DeRoyal Textiles’ innovative and efficient manufacturing processes ensure that all products deliver superior quality, consistent reliability and competitive pricing.

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