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    LasX Industries provides high-performance industrial laser systems and contract services that deliver unique laser materials processes to manufacturing industries. LasX’s technology yields higher throughput than typical laser process because of the ability to process “on the fly”, while material is in motion. The primary product is based upon the LaserSharp® Laser Processing Module (or LPM), which can be engineered into a wide variety of automated material handling systems in roll, sheet, or part format. LasX also offers contract services providing laser services, such as cut, kiss cut, perforate, drill, slit, score, and etch. Process development engineers available for product development with the laser process. Laser sources available include CO2 and fiber. Other specialty laser sources available per request.

    Manufacturer of standard and custom laser processing software. Used to initiate and monitor automated material handling from material in-feed to part stacking and scrap removal. Three import bundles are available to import pattern entities from design files. Features include alarms, multi-level user access controls, automatic logging of alarms, color-coded messages, control panels, color identification of entities, automatic and manual entity sort options, robust patterns, cutter compensation tools and trigger controllers.


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