Mr. Chain Div. of M-R Products, Inc.

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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: Cone Chain Connector, Crowd Control Stanchinos, Ground Poles, Magnet Ring/Carabiner Kit, Plastic Chains, and Traffic Cones/Chain Kits

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    Mr. Chain is the trade name for M R Products and is the leading US stanchion and plastic chain manufacturer. Mr. Chain was incorporated on May 16, 1960 by Michael T. Russo. Mr. Russo was an engineering student at Ohio State University in 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked and he left school to join the Army Air Corps. After returning home as the first Mustang Ace and the only A-36 Ace in World War II, he started his own plastics injection molding business. For the first 17 years, the Company was an automotive supplier with both GM and Chrysler as major customers. Beginning as a sideline, Mr. Russo obtained patents on a few proprietary products, including a reseal cap for 16 ounce beverages (that patent was sold to Pepsico), a plastic beverage carton, etc. Around 1980, the Company started manufacturing plastic chain using an innovative process that allows the plastic chain to be made in continuous lengths in an injection molding machine that still allows each link to move freely. Within three years, the Company stopped all automotive supplier activities and became a 100% proprietary product manufacturer. Eventually, Mr. Russo held more than 20 patents for the products he developed.

    Today, Mr. Chain plastic chain manufacturer performs both injection molding and extrusion of plastic products. Mr. Chain offers more sizes (9), styles (3) and colors (22) of plastic chain than anyone. In addition, there are four sizes of plastic stanchions available in seven colors, and a huge assortment of accessories to fit all crowd control and safety needs. The Company is committed to continuing to add new products to serve the crowd control and safety markets.  Over the past few years, Mr. Chain has added the snap safety reflector clip, the X-Treme heavy duty stanchions, the magnets and carabiners (used in a loading dock kit), and the Cone Chain Connectors (C3).


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