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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: Bearing Lock Nuts, Grease Fitting Caps, Grease Fittings, Hydraulic Couplers, Lock Nuts, Panel-Trim Clips, and Spiral Rings

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    Founded in 1899, G.L. Huyett is a low overhead manufacturer and distributor located in a wheat field in Minneapolis, Kansas.Located just a few miles from the geographic center of the U.S., shipping to any North American destination is a piece of cake, even overnight.We have a long history of hardworking, friendly folks with a “Can Do” attitude and we inspire a culture of excellence within our employees to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it. Every time!

    We’re your Low Cost Leader for all sorts of non-threaded fasteners from washers to keystock to grease fittings, and much more.G.L. Huyett has complete onsite manufacturing capabilities G.L. Huyett sources parts from industry leaders and low cost producers, and manufactures parts that are hard to make or just plain hard to find.We are especially competitive for short runs and odd configurations.Do you need hard to find parts in metric or imperial sizes? In stainless steel? Or in non-standard sizes from big to little? If so, we’ve got them, we’ll get them, or we’ll make them to your specifications.

    Source – https://www.huyett.com

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