Lexco Cable Manufacturers

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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: Bungee Fittings, Cable Railings, Push-Pull Controls, Wire Rope, and Wire Rope Hardware

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    We are a company that focuses on personal attention in order to create real and effective solutions for our customers. We believe in collaboration internally, with our vendors and customers to form a positive and valuable relationship and product experience.
    Lexco Cable is a leading fabricator of value-added wire rope products. Our core focus is in:

    • Wire rope diameters from 1/32” through 1”
    • Plastic wire rope jackets
    • Assembly order quantities from 1 piece through 1,000,000 pieces
    • Highly custom wire rope assemblies
    • Fulfilment of wire rope via reels, coils, and cuts
    • Distribution of wire rope fittings and hardware

    Capabilities & Processes

    • Extrusion — Cable or wire rope must be coated for aesthetic, durability, or safety reasons; we specialize in coating cables with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). To ensure quality, we use laser micrometers for OD measurement.
    • Swaging/Crimping — At the heart of wire rope assembly fabrication is the swaging process. Our tooling inventory and hydraulic presses can accommodate most end fittings including spherical, cylindrical, and hex profiles.
    • Cutting — We have both manual and automatic cutting work cells to accommodate low and high volume projects. Additionally, we have mechanical sheer cutting and electrical fuse-cutting machinery.
    • Cordage Cutting — We cut fiber rope and bungee cords with hot blades to prevent fraying. For webbing, we have automatic hot knife cutting capability.
    • Cable Coiling — We can coil both coated and uncoated cable on spools and pre-cut into coiled assemblies.
    • Die Casting — We zinc die-cast custom cable end fittings in-house, including barrels, balls, and eyes.


    Source – https://www.lexcocable.com

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