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    Die-Thane is a trade name for a family of urethane elastomers developed specificaly for sheet metal fabricating & tooling applications.Die-Thane tooling systems is the result of our over 3 decades of experience in the ELASTOMER TOOLINGtechnology area. As the only manufacturer of both urethane and steel press brake tooling in the world, we have unique facilities to design and manufacture standard and custom tooling.Die-Thane is the trade name for a family of high performance urethane elastomers developed specifically for sheet metal fabricating and tooling applications.Die-Thane Tooling is Ideal for J.I.T. Manufacturing Decreasing lot sizes and lead times combined with increased demands on improved quality and on-time delivery are the essential ingredients of J.T.T.

    With more than 25 years experience in manufacturing and application Engineering, we have the knowledge, capability and facilities to produce any kind of Urethane product from 20A to 75D, in any shape, size or color.Rapid proto-typing or low volume production is very inexpensively done with soft tooling made of Cast molds. Since casting is a low pressure molding operation, the tooling cost is very minimal.Unique Custom molded components such as electro-static conductive compounds, silicone-free compounds, internally lubricated compounds with MOLYBDENUM DI-SULFIDE & TEFLON etc.


    Source – https://www.polyprod.com

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