Kombi Sports Inc.

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Supplier Category: FashionSupplier Tags: Children Accessories, Fleece Neck Covers, Infant's Knit Mitts, Men's Sports Tops, socks, Women's Glove, and Zip Zop Tops

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    Manufacturer of men’s and women’s winter clothing such as gloves, jackets, mitts, pants and shirts.Founded in Montreal 1961, our family owned company’s mission is to keep winter lovers of all kind warm from head to toe.Best known for our carefully crafted gloves and mitts,we’ve since extended our warmth expertise to base,layers,socks,hats and cold weather accessories.

    KOMBI has developed exceptional proprietary technologies and partners with warmth experts like GORE-TEX and Primaloft to ensure warmth,durability,dryness and comfort in any winter condition. We also patented several glove and mitt technologies.At KOMBI we want to keep people warm inside and out. As being as gentle as possible with the animals who help us to do that is just as important. We only use certified mulesed-free wool as well as ethical down and leather.


    Source – https://www.kombicanada.com

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