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Supplier Category: IndustrialSupplier Tags: Extraction assembly robot, Manupulation robot, Plastic products test equipment, Wavy pipe folding test machine, and Zero gravity manipulator

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    Since its creation in 1993, Automation Machine Design has been at the service of the industry and proud to participate in its growth by increasing the efficiency of your processes through a turnkey and systemic approach. AMD Inc. provides highly specialized and efficient services to increase productivity while reducing operating costs. Over the years, AMD Inc. has made various projects for  many prestigious companies, which allowed us tho become one of the best in the industry. Founded in 1993, Automation Machine Design RC Inc. (AMD Inc.) is a engineering firm specialized in the design, conception and fabrication of automated and robotic custom-made equipment and industrial equipment. Our mission is first and foremost to serve businesses and to take their success to heart. It is also to become a strategic partner in the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions and to use our expertise to increase productivity.

    We believe that the research, development, improvement, innovation, creativity and knowledge sharing are the key of success, which is why we encourage all forms of improvement with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Entrusting your projects to Automation Machine Design means trusting a team that has acquired the ability and experience in the industry. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of engineers working in three separate departments but working closely: mechanical, electrical and software. Do you need to automate an assembly line, fabrication line or optimize your process line? Are you looking for a way to render your equipment safer for your employees? Before going on to the design phase, our team of designers will take the time to listen to you and ask the right questions to determine your real needs. This step is essential to producing a solution that will correspond fully to your present and future objectives.



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