Ten things that can help small business to become more effective

To keep pace in the competitive world, you need to gear up your business every now and then. It is difficult and easy at the same time. As an entrepreneur you always look at the different ways to run your business more efficiently. So, today I am going to share some of the strategies which can help you in running your business quite smoothly.

  • Focus on customer service: Customers are the backbone of any business establishment. They are one of the means of building credibility in the market. So, it can be achieved by better serving your customers-by paying attention to the needs and queries of your customers. Most of the times it has been seen that once the product is sold out the business managers pay little heed to after sales service. This develops a feeling of mistrust among the customers and hence affect the reputation of the company.
  • Set short- and long-term goals: If you want to succeed you need to set goals. They act as a pivot around which your focus revolves. Initially you can work by keeping short term specific goals which will be later replaced by long ones. In fact, goal setting acts as a benchmark to evaluate whether your business is growing or not.
  • Work on your marketing efforts: It is one of the other ways that will boost your business to higher levels. It involves spreading word of mouth through different ways. You can use this strategy for promoting your business through promotional campaigns, sponsoring charity events and making best use of newspaper, magazines etc. Thus, it will act as an add-on to your business.
  • Create a logo: At most times your business is represented in the market by the logo you design. It is the logo which sends the right message to your customers. In fact, the logo differentiates you from the other competitors and it is what customers associate your brand with. So, you must create original and catchy logo in order to have a specific position in the market.
  • Build Strategic Partnerships: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”-Helen Keller. Among the helpful strategies that I have discovered is making sure that you work in collaboration with your business partner. For some people it seems to be risky to work with some other person, to work under someone but it is not so. Working in partnership not only improves your ability but it also helps you in better decision making and thus ultimately in smooth business functioning.  
  • Take advantage of business website: If you haven’t developed your website yet then start working on it as it is one of the important marketing tools that you are missing. Since we are living in technological world we must be in tune with the present era. It must contain few important contents such as: Logo of the company
    Name, address, contact details
    Your vision and mission
    Summary of marketing products and services that you provide. Not only this but you can also use different social networking sites depending upon your target group so that you can promote your business.  
  • Look for the better and efficient employees: The success of any business also depends upon its human resource to a large extent. The qualified and efficient employee is the asset of any organization which can help your business to reach heights. Thus, optimum resources must be utilized to address their fair demands and attend their grievances so as to create job satisfaction which in turn improves their efficiency and hence the growth of your business.
  • Look for your sales: As a growing business person you must always keep a watch on your sales as it is something that you have to commit to on an ongoing basis. You must be aware of where you are putting your efforts. You can’t sell your products here and there. Thus, you must develop a better sales strategy, a process which you can monitor and evaluate time to time. Starting demands more energy and efforts but with time it becomes easier to keep this wheel moving.
  • Always trust yourself: Another important key that i would like to share with you is developing trust on yourself. I have always seen people struggling with this aspect of personality. We always pay attention to what other people think about ourselves, but we forget that nobody knows us much better than we know ourselves. We ignore our own abilities and this ultimately fills our hearts with dejection and inability of taking any initiative. Not only this but it also affects our decision making which is not good for the business at all.
  • Ensure open communication: According to Denis Mc Quail, “Communication is a process which increases communality, but also requires elements of communality for it to occur at all”. Although there are different forms of communication but the one that i want to share with you is open communication. Since, the culture of open communication is claimed by many companies and business units but very few truly achieve.   It is very important for the growth of small-scale business as it gives the employees an opportunity to share their ideas and concerns, both positives and negatives. It gives them a feeling that they are valued and a sense of ‘we feeling’ in the company’s ownership. Not only this but sharing company’s objectives clearly with your staff is equally important as it helps them in better understanding their roles. Thus, all these things can help your business to achieve greater heights in one way or the other.

Article by Guest Author of Aswaag Team